Flo Foxworthy Feather Fan Staves

I'm super excited to begin the process of creating a brand spanking new act! I've finally bit the bullet and invested in some stunning mirror perspex Flo Foxworthy feather fans staves for a large pair of duo coloured burlesque fans.

Flo Foxworthy is costume royalty in the burlesque scene and also makes gorgeous feather fans. I like getting my hands dirty, so she luckily has an option of just buying her signature staves and making them yourself. Check out her stunning range of fans and costumes on her website for more info and to learn how you too could can make your own set of burlesque feather fans! http://flofoxworthy.com

I used to have a pair of simple white fans, but they were cheap from China and really showed it after quite a bit of wear! I ripped them up to create my white gown to accompany my white waterfall "tribute" boa fans (photos available in the "gallery" section). My waterfall fans are my babies, as they are just absolutely breathtaking to dance with, but sometimes are too big for smaller gigs. So, hence my new pair! 

Stay tuned for sneak peaks during my creation process! I don't like giving too much away, but it's always exciting to see hints of an upcoming act!