"Fan Tech" at Maison Burlesque

For Term 5, I'm honoured to announce I'll be taking over the "Fan technique" classes at Maison Burlesque.


In this 6 week technique course, we’re changing things up and bringing in Maple Rose who will work your biceps, tone your triceps, and loosen up those wrists!

Not only will you gain strength and flexibility to help you fly with ease, we’ll boost your repertoire of moves, tighten those fan grips, transitions, posture, audience engagement, and play around with some fan-cy footwork.

This will be a physically intensive class suitable for men & women with previous fan dance experience wanting to improve their skills or work towards solo fan dance performance. Please note this is a technique based class and does not involve performing at the Cherry Poppers Showcase.

Starting Tuesday October 23rd at 8:40pm