I’ve finally come out of my ✨glitter crash coma✨ and can face the world again. I’m back home in Melbourne - I’ve relaxed in the bath, downed a huge burger, skulled a glass of wine, slept it off, and am back to being a functioning human being.

I am still riding the high that was the Miss Burlesque Australia Grand Final on Saturday night! I’m just utterly blown away by the talent, kindness and support that revolve around this amazing competition. It feels so surreal to have won the 1st runner up crown, but I’m so proud that my humongous efforts didn’t go unnoticed. It was months of dedication, hard work, perseverance and the love of an amazing creative community that pushed me over the finish line.

There is a long, long list of amazing people I need to thank but first, I must wish a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS our new 👑Miss Burlesque Australia 2018👑, Scarlet Adams! I’m so proud you broke the boundaries and took out the title! It shows the country and the world that our community is all-inclusive and that there are no boundaries to our art form! You looked beautiful, and your unique act was an absolute showstopper. You’re one hard lady to beat!

mba gf 4.jpg

And of course to the 👑second runner up, Kael Murray ! You are such a 💕sweetheart💕, and your hard work paid off. I can’t wait to see you perform in person!

Congratulations to our Miss Innovative - Artemis Seven, Entertainer of the year - Magnolia Knife, and my amazing twin and friend Velma Vouloir for taking out the title of Miss Classic! So proud of you ladies!

Finally, ✨CONGRATULATIONS✨ Melanie Piantoni and Alyssa Kitt for putting on one hell of a grand final! The changes you’ve made to this competition have pushed it into new waters and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the coming years. Thank you for believing in me, and helping whichever way you could throughout the competition.

mba gf 7.jpg

Of course I couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of the team that backed me, and I’d like to thank:
❤️ Christopher Politis for being an awesome dance partner and coming on this crazy journey with me
❤️Haven Noir for being such a supportive friend and for being so on top of everything without ever needing to be asked!
❤️ Asphyxia Couture for making my amazingly engineered dress for my unique
❤️ Shimmery Costumes for tailoring my vintage green gown and ensuring that the Victorian team were ready to kick ass in Perth
❤️ Styled by Esther for making my hair as fabulous as it is
❤️My wifey Emily Rault for making my corset and supporting me from a far
❤️Sina King for my amazing King Size Boa and for mentoring me through the rehearsal process
❤️Zelia Rose for also being an amazing mentor and for your superb, toe-tapping choreography
❤️Willow J Conway for teaching me techniques to calm down and harness my confidence
❤️ Velma Vouloir for being there as a friend throughout this amazing journey
❤️ Domino de Jour for being an humbling friend, competitor and supporter. You’re advice throughout the competition was priceless.
❤️Jane Marie for producing one of the best Miss Burlesque Victoria heats with so much class, heart and soul. You’re one lovable bitch!
❤️The sponsors Arnavaz Lindsay Couture, Aussie Cossie DareWear, Silk Bazaar, Pearl Davies, Boss Babe Bling Personal Styling By Park Lane Jewellery for your amazing prizes!
❤️ The judges Lyra LaBelle, Jane Doe, Willow J, Coco Poppin, Alyssa Kitt, Arnavaz Lindsayy, Amber Hasler, and Sugar Du Joure for critiquing fairly
❤️David Woolley for your sponsorship and my crowning photo shoot
❤️Poppy Cherry at Maison Burlesque for allowing us to use the studio for rehearsals and to run workshops to raise the money to get me to the grand final
❤️ Nikki Mauri for letting me borrow your ottoman for the grand final in Perth
❤️ Everyone who supported me financially, mentally and physically to get me to Perth. I couldn’t have made it there without you. These include Kate Riley, Danielle Don, Amanda Vary, Hannah Hans, Cherry Velour, Ainslie Adams, Stephanie Phillips, Kelly McCarthy, Georgia Borresen, Rebecca Wemma, Alexis Desaulniers-Lea, Rachel Reid
❤️ All of the competitors (state finals included) for making this year’s competition fierce! And of course our top 10 for making this grand final one show not to miss!!! It was an absolute dream to finally meet all of you! Artemis Seven, Vivienne Von Coffin, Veruca Sour, Scarlet Adams, Kael, Magnolia Knife, Camilla Cream, Luna Eclipse and Velma Vouloir
❤️My amazing friends Meg Carroll and her fiance Belly, Matt and Alex who came to support me at the Victorian heats and for cheering me on throughout the creative process
❤️ Danielle Measday for helping me bedazzle late into the evenings, and for the love and support throughout the months of hard work, emotional breakdowns and creative highs
❤️ My amazing and loving parents, Amanda Dale-Johnson and Vern Dale-Johnson for putting me into dance at a young age, supporting my creative endeavors throughout all of my years pursuing crazy passions, and for inspiring me to be the classiest performer on and off stage that I can be.
❤️And to my amazing man, Mitchell Kuhn, who was with me every step of the way.


Studio Shot by David Woolley
Crowning Photos by John Leonard Photography

mba gf 1.jpg