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Australia's classiest piece of bacon

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Miss Maple Rose, the self-pronounced ambassador for the True North, burst onto Sydney's ever-growing burlesque scene in 2011. Since she has worked tirelessly at reviving the glory of old Hollywood glamour while also keeping the tradition of parody in the style of burlesque. This bright eyed, autumn haired siren began her performing career as a ballerina, and combines her professional expertise in costume and set design with her foundation in dance to create cheeky routines that are entirely original. From Canada to Australia to Sweden and back, she’s graced the seediest of stages across 4 continents. She loves long walks on the banks of Lake Ontario, drinking smooth whiskey next to a roaring fire, and her favourite food is one of the juiciest. Of course, she’s the one and only, classiest piece of bacon!


Maple Rose is a household name in the Australian burlesque scene and has recently moved back from the Scandinavian Capital, Stockholm, where she joined the in-house cast at Stockholm's local speakeasy, Melt Bar & Restaurant. Back in Australia, Maple co-founded  Highway Robbery Productions which produces the After Hours Cabaret Club. Now Maple focuses on expanding the local burlesque community by producing a small intimate burlesque night bimonthly at The Woodlands Hotel in Coburg. You can learn from Maple in her Sewing 101 class at Maison Burlesque, and catch her at regular events produced by the school.

Maple's alter ego is the one and only large, inflatable, feather fan wielding Tease-Rex! Learn more here.

A long list of independent productions includes resident status at Sydney’s longest running weekly burlesque night at Dome Bar (Sydney), The After Hours Cabaret Club (Melbourne), The Burly Q Club (Melbourne), The Burlesque Showboat (Melbourne), Red Light Confidential (Sydney and Melbourne), Maison Burlesque Showcase (Melbourne), The Martini Lounge (Mornington Peninsula), Boudoir Burlesque (Seaford), Congress of Undress Showcase (Sydney), The Peel (Sydney), 34B (Sydney), The Comedy Burlesque Hour (Sydney), Tip the Velvet (Gothenburg) and Mr. Falcons (Sydney).

Maple is the current reigning Miss Burlesque Melbourne 2018 after coming 1st runner up in the Miss Burlesque Victoria 2018 competition. She also has competed in Miss Burlesque NSW 2014, won first runner up at Burlesque Idol Sydney 2014, and has participated in numerous burlesque festivals including the Australian Burlesque Festival (2014, 2015 and 2017), the Perth International Burlesque Festival (2015), the London Burlesque Festival (2016), the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2016), The Melbourne Fringe Festival (2017) and the Adelaide Fringe Festival (2017).



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Miss Maple Rose's alter ego is the one and only giant, inflatable, feather fan weilding Tease-Rex! Hailed all the way from the Cretaceous Period, Tease-Rex's personal burlesque style is almost extinct. Of course, science has proven that the Tyrannosaurus-Rex really was covered with feathers, so Tease-Rex has taken that to the next level. Topped off with twirling nipple tassels, Tease-Rex is the perfect comedic relief for any event!

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